PTK Group and Transmashholding intend to jointly produce modern track machinery for railroads

“Transmashholding” JSC (TMH), Russia's largest designer and manufacturer of rolling stock for railway and urban rail transport and “PromTechCom” LLC, a developer and manufacturer of track equipment, signed an agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 16 June 2022 on cooperation in the development and production of modern world-class high-performance track machinery and the introduction of new domestic railway infrastructure repair and maintenance technologies.
The document was signed by Alexander Silkin, CEO of the PTK Group, and Kirill Lipa, CEO of Transmashholding.
The document provides for the establishment of strategic cooperation between the companies for the production of innovative track machinery, as well as the study of the possibility of combining unique industrial and scientific assets in the field of track engineering.
“In the areas of construction, repair and maintenance of railway infrastructure, cooperation between our companies will accelerate the development of new domestic technologies and the manufacture of modern products. The goal is not only to replace the retiring ones, but to create new machines that are unparalleled in terms of productivity and output,” said A. Silkin.
“Cooperation with the PTK Group, which possesses modern track technology, will contribute to the product and geographical diversification of our business," stated K. Lipa, in turn. – But most importantly, it will provide rail transport with modern high-performance machines that can noticeably improve the quality of the transport complex.”
The partners' plans provide for the production of up to 1,300 machines by 2030, as well as the launch of eleven completely new machines and obtaining at least 12 new product patents.
The forecast capacity of the Russian market of railway track machinery and special-purpose railroad cars for this period is about 440 billion rubles.
The PTK Group and Transmashholding will form a joint research and development complex at the “TulaTECH” world-class scientific and educational center that will specialize in the development of innovative models of high-performance track machinery for rail transport.
The introduction of high-capacity jointly produced track machines is designed to increase labor productivity, as well as to reduce production costs.
The PTK Group and Transmashholding are implementing an import substitution program in the field of track machine engineering. It provides for a complete transition to domestic components in 2025. This applies first and foremost to large power engines (over 400 kW) as well as electrical and hydraulic systems. Approximate volume of investments in the development of production facilities is expected to be up to 2 billion rubles.
In solving the problem of achieving technological sovereignty in the field of providing the railway infrastructure with modern high-performance track machines, the new association aspires to become one of the global players in the field of track machine engineering.

TMH (Transmashholding) is No.1 among manufacturers of railway and urban rail transport in Russia and the CIS and one of the largest in the international market. The company offers a full range of products and services: from design and development of new rolling stock to modernization, lifecycle service contracts and digital traffic control systems. TMH is a Russian company headquartered in Moscow with international divisions in Switzerland, South Africa, Egypt, Argentina, Israel, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The holding structure includes 16 production and assembly sites in Russia and other countries of the world, and the geography of work covers more than 30 countries.
PTK Group is a diversified industrial-engineering holding with unique competences in the field of design, development and production of railway track machinery. The main asset (“Tulazheldormash” plant) is a backbone machine-building enterprise producing vehicles and load lifting equipment for construction, repair and maintenance of railroad tracks. At the moment, the plant's capacity is not sufficient to meet the growing needs of customers for track machinery and cooperation with “Transmashholding” will make it possible to expand production capabilities.
Many of its products are superior to all analogues available in the world. For example, the High Output Ballast Cleaning System for repair and maintenance of railroad tracks HOBCM-2000, supplied to Russian Railways, is twice as productive as its Western competitors.
The PTK Group includes enterprises of complex construction of transport infrastructure, service and equipment operation. PTK Group's average annual revenue exceeds 15 billion rubles, with a total headcount of more than 3,000 people.
The number of research and development staff is 150 people. Tulazheldormash Design Bureau is the largest in Russia in the field of track machine engineering and consists of 4 branches. It has developed 18 innovative track machines and received 38 patents. Now more than 20 types of serial track equipment are in production.