XVI All-Russian Forum-Exhibition "STATE ORDER"

On March 24, started the XVI All-Russian Forum-Exhibition "STATE ORDER" at VDNH, Moscow. The forum will last for three days from March 24 to 26.

The Forum is the largest annual event in the field of procurement, bringing together several thousand industry experts of various levels. For foreign and domestic manufacturers, this is an opportunity to show their innovative products. Therefore, the opening of the Forum traditionally began with a tour of the exhibition exposition by the guests of honor.

Deputy Prime Minister Borisov Yuri Ivanovich was presented with the stand of the Tula region and the Tulazheldormash factory. He was showed our unique and innovative technologies.

Yuri Ivanovich highly appreciated the stand of the Tula Region and the uniqueness of our company.

The exposition of the STATE ORDER-2021 is a cross-section of the key competencies and super-tasks of the national economy for the near future.