Quality day

On November 17, the Quality Day was held at the Tulazheldormash.

The factory was visited: Mikhail Starovoitov, Chief Engineer of the CDI; Dmitry Korenkov, First Deputy Head of the Technical Policy Department; Maxim Beregovoy, Deputy Head of the Moscow Directorate of Infrastructure; Dmitry Burkov, Chief Engineer of the CDI Track and Structures Department; Vitaly Kislyuk, Head of the CDI Mechanization Service; Yuri Korol, Chief Engineer of Transenergo; Alexander Potapenko, Deputy Head of the Moscow Railway (for the Tula Territorial Administration); Dmitry Pronin, Chief Engineer of the Directorate for the Operation of CDI Track Machines; Viktor Shamraev, Chief Engineer of the CDTR; Ruslan Shangin, Deputy Director of the Design Bureau for Infrastructure.

The following topics were discussed:

* Implementation of the current 2021 program for the supply of railway equipment

* Reconstruction of the factory to increase capacity

* Promising machines

* New technologies of track repair in order to increase the output of the "window hour"

The study trip was productive for our team.

Next, we will work out in detail, update and execute the technology implementation plan.