Russian Track Machines for Kazakhstan

The PTK Group and Kamkor Management ("Temirzhol Zhondeu" Limited Liability Partnership) have entered into an agreement for the delivery of a Leveling, Lining and Compacting Machine VPO-S in 2022. The machine will be manufactured to meet all individual technical requirements of the customer.
The deal has been supported by the Russian Export Centre.
Representatives of Kamkor Management visited Tulazheldormash in May 2021 and got acquainted with the machinery in operation at Russian Railways' sites. In accordance with the plans of Kamkor Management and with the support of Kazakhstan Railways (JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy") to implement domestic and foreign projects, the parties have worked out a long-term strategy to develop cooperation. The agreement stipulates the supply of machines for the renewal and maintenance of the infrastructure of JSC "NC" KTZh", the implementation of a modern service system and partial localization. The Kazakh party was also interested in other machinery from Tula - the Rail Renewal System KSP-700 and the Universal Track Maintenance Machine MPV, which will be put into trial operation in 2022. In the mid-term, the Kazakhstan market segment in the area of high-output and technologically advanced track systems produced in Tula is estimated to be at least 20 units. For the convenience of its partners, the PTK Group is also ready to offer new principles of cooperation - life-cycle contracts and outsourced service agreement, which is in line with current global trends.
Vyacheslav Romanov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Tula Region: "The PTK Group, Industrial partner of the TulaTECH Research and Education Centre, closes the year with a landmark interstate contract. The demand for Tula railway track machinery in the CIS markets has confirmed its high technological and economic efficiency. The developments of the Tulazheldormash plant have already been recognized as a technological breakthrough and will form the basis for the implementation of ambitious plans for the renewal of railway infrastructure in Russia and Kazakhstan."
Aibek Terekbaev, Director General of Temirzhol Zhondeu LLP: "In order to meet the needs of the National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and to ensure quality, reliability and safety on the railways, the group of companies "Kamkor Management" continually invests in increasing of technical capabilities, implementing new technologies and upgrading construction and repair machinery. Thanks to the open exchange of experiences between us and our Russian colleagues, it is possible in the shortest possible time to get the most useful information about the market and the latest technologies used in it. Due to the demand of JSC "NC" KTZh" for high quality and timely track overhaul, modern track machines play an enormous role in meeting customer requirements and increasing output during the traffic blocks. Temirzhol Zhondeu, part of the Kamkor Management Group, values its partnership and friendship, and looks forward to a successful and mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with the PTK Group."
Dmitry Raenok, First Deputy Director General of the PTK Group: "Strategic cooperation with KAMCOR Management will facilitate the rapid implementation of modern technologies for the benefit of JSC "NC" KTZh". In order to develop these competences, we have created, together with the Government of Tula Region, a Research and Production Complex in the field of railway engineering on the basis of JSC Tulazheldormash. The implementation of this project together with the Administration of the Tula Region enables a transition to a new technology of infrastructure development and ensures a regulatory level of track facilities and increased network capacity. The innovative track machinery of the PTK Group is well known on the 1520 network and has successfully proven its efficiency at Russian Railways' sites. The Research and Production Complex has developed and produces machines, the use of which ensures the renewal of up to 10 km of railway track per day."
Special mention is made of the HOBCM-2000 deep ballast cleaning system. Its output is 2.5 times that of any other manufacturer. The economic effect from the first year of implementation has also been confirmed. The operation of such machinery will make the work of Kazakhstan's railway workers easier, significantly reduce costs and time, and increase the quality of track renewal. The Tula track machine has set a world record in terms of speed and quality of work on the Russian Railways' sites, and operational tests conducted by Russian Railways have confirmed its efficiency and superiority in performance over any other domestic or foreign models.


PTC Group is a diversified industrial and engineering holding company, specializing in the production, maintenance and operation of railway machinery, as well as the performance of work on transport infrastructure facilities.
The main customer is the infrastructure complex of Russian Railways.
The PTK Group's business consists of three main divisions:
1. Track Machine Engineering
2. Operation of track machines (outsourcing)
3. Transport Infrastructure Construction
The engineering center of the PTK Group develops innovative track renewal technologies and designs new machines. The PTK Group provides full range of maintenance and operation of all manufactured machines under supervision of the plant designers. We carry out complex servicing of the railway infrastructure throughout the whole life cycle of the railway with the help of our competences.