PTK Group Concluded Contract with JSC Russian Railways for Supply of Eight Leveling, Lining and Comp

High performance self-propelled track machine produced by JSC Tulazheldormash is unique national development, and is designated for leveling, lining and compacting during all types of track repair and construction. LLCM (VPO-S) has no foreign analogues, and all components are made in Russia. Due to multifunctional performance machine replaces set of old rolling stock of VPO-3000, Electric Ballasting Machine and accompanying Service Car. Modern technical solution perfectly proven itself on railway lines and by assessment of JSC Russian Railways specialists allow to increase productivity in two times, and to reduce cost of works for 37 per cents.

For one pass machine operating in continuous mode produces ballast dosage, track lining, volumetric ballast compaction, ballast section leveling and slope compaction. VPO-S is equipped with lifting and leveling devices, vibratory plates with electric drive, brushes and plows. On-board recorder assures recording of data for self-diagnostics of machines, units and devices. Record and control system of machine is integrated with fuel consumption control and is automated. Microprocessor track surfacing control system with ability to support high-precision coordinate system and set system of surface data of railroad transport network allows achieving maximum accuracy of track surfacing. Maximum productivity up to 3,000 meters per hour.

The company from 2017 supplied over 60 of such machines. First machine from new lot will be supplied to the customer in Khabarovsk Kray already in August of this year.