PTK Group - transfer of advanced technologies and localization of modern track equipment in India

Today, India is on the verge of a major transformation in the field of railway infrastructure.

The country's leadership has approved a record-breaking plan for financing the industry, and projects are being implemented to build new lines and modernize existing ones. An ambitious project of creating a network of freight corridors has been launched, due to the annually increasing load capacity of the infrastructure and the requirements for speed and safety.

Representatives of the PTK Group maid a working visit to the headquarters of Indian Railways in Delhi in March 2021, in order to present modern technologies and track machines for their implementation. The potential customer highly appreciated the materials presented. As well as the fact that the PTK Group is ready to localize the production of equipment within the framework of the “Make In India” initiative with the participation of the selected industrial partner.

"Taking into account the development prospects, the scale of the market, as well as the challenges facing Indian Railways, we are determined to implement a comprehensive strategic approach to the development of our cooperation." - Anton Chernov, FEA Director.

As a result of the meeting, agreements were reached on further steps in the implementation of promising projects.