The PTK Group presented new innovative track machinery for Russian Railways in Yaroslavl

The PTK Group presented several prototypes of innovative track machinery in Yaroslavl at the First Meeting of Special Railway Rolling Stock Engineers of the RZD infrastructural complex.

For the first time the unique Rail Renewal Machine "RU-700" and the Universal Track Maintenance Machine "MPV" appeared in Yaroslavl on the site of the Northern Railway. These advanced high-precision systems manufactured by the PTK Group's Tulazheldormash JSC were successfully certified and would increase automation and productivity of railway infrastructure repair works.

The world record holder in terms of productivity, HOBCM-2000, took a special place in the demonstration during the conference.

Just yesterday, this rail technological system worked on the tracks, and today it is part of the exhibition, with figures of 750 meters per hour and more than 2000 cubic meters of ballast processing. No unit in the world can match the performance of our Tula ballast-cleaning machine. 

Yevgeny Shevtsov, Deputy Director General of JSC Russian Railways, Head of the Central Infrastructure Directorate said: "HOBCM-2000 has the highest production rate in the world. No other machine has this kind of output. In addition, there are machines built for northern service. State-of-the-art machines made according to new requirements. This machinery of the PTK Group is practically from the workshops. Five of the six systems are certified this year".

While reviewing the track machinery for the Russian Railways delegation, Evgeny Popov, Deputy Director General of PTK Group noted: "The Tulazheldormash plant is a division of the PTK Group, which produces our innovative machinery. Today we proudly demonstrated our new products and the machines that are already successfully operating on the Russian Railways infrastructure".