Scheduled scopes of works of GarantStroy (PTK Group) in 2022

GarantStroy (PTK Group) in 2022 will perform works for ditch cleaning and cutting, and for removal of local track pumping and slopes laying-out on the overall railway network of Russia of 7.8 km scope. The Company operates promptly, and is able to increase scope to 10 thousand km.
Over 50 Shoulder Ditching Systems MKT-500 produced by Tulazheldormash (PTK Group) are involved in the work, as well as other rail machinery for regular maintenance.
GarantStroy also performs works for ballast cleaning and cutting on JSC Russian Railways network facilities in scope of 120 km for 2022 (55 km on South-East railway, and 65 km on Oktyabrskaya railway). Innovative top performer machine HOBCM-2000 produced by Tulazheldormash is engaged in this area.
In the last year, similar result compiled 156.4 km. This is also record breaker for ballast cleaning machines and related technologies.
High productivity and reduction of operational expenses, total economy for JSC Russian Railways achieves 34%. That is why technology is in demand for the overhaul of track levels 1-3.
It should be noted, that similar outsourcing model for JSC Russian Railways reduces asset management risks, and provides considerable economic benefit. In its turn, this will allow the successful implementation of new machinery in the context of a shortage of investment funds.