Operations of track machines

Business direction "Operation of track machines" – a long-term cooperation with the Customer

The PTK Group has a proven experience of implementing the project with JSCo "Russian Railways" on the basis of a long-term contract until 2030. During the implementation of the project, a direct economic effect has been achieved for JSCo "Russian Railways"both at the expense of reducing operating costs, and at the expense of reducing the investment load.

On the basis of a long-term contract with the Customer, the PTK Group has the opportunity to implement strategic planning and conduct advanced development of new equipment.

Track machines is not an asset for infrastructure owners, but costs.

One of the ways to optimise costs and improve the efficiency of machine operation is the outsourcing.

The Customer concludes a long-term contract for maintenance of the infrastructure by a mechanised method for a period comparable to the life cycle of the machinery.

Within the framework of the project, the PTK Group supplies new machines or updates the Customer's machine fleet, carries out maintenance and repairs, performs trackworks by its own personnel.

When transferring works for outsourcing, the Customer reduces operating costs and receives an economic effect. At the same time, the PTK Group assumes all risks associated with the introduction of new technologies and advanced machines on the Customer's infrastructure.

Such a business model reduce the cost of operations of track machines
and attract private investment in its updating.

Comparison of different ways of updayting the customer's machines

>One-time payments
>Debt load
> Saving Costs
The financing of the asset must be in accordance with the period of operation
Debt / EBITDA is usually close to the limit
There is no budget optimisation
> "Stretched" payments
> All works are performed on their own
> Saving Costs
Reduced investment load
Responsibility for the tracks and condition of machinery remains on the Customer
There is no budget optimisation
> "Stretched" payments
> Execution of work by outsourcer
> Cost optimisation
Reduction in investment burden
The tracks and machinery is serviced by an outsourcer
Reducing costs

Flexibility of the PTK Group business model allows to organise interaction with the Customer on various types of cooperation